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In case of an emergency, having a first-aid kit available is essential. But a first aid kit is simply a tool for first aid First Aid rescuers are literally the ‘first to provide aid’ to an ill or injured person. Are you ready?

  1. What is a first aid rescuer?

A first aid rescuer determines if there is an emergency. They make sure that the scene of the emergency is safe for both themselves and the ill or injured person. First aid rescuers dial 9-1-1 to activate the emergency medical services (EMS).

Some first aid rescuers are obligated to step into action due to the nature of their jobs. Most people do not have a duty to perform first aid, but if trained properly, they will step into action.

  1. What happened?

You must make sure that the scene is safe. Do not jump right into action. Protect yourself and the potentially ill or injured person. Sometimes it is easy to see what is going on, and other times it is not as apparent. If the person is responsive, ASK if you can help them by simply tapping them and asking “Are you OK?”.

-If they are responsive…

But moans or moves a little bit, call or shout for help, dial 9-1-1. (You can have someone else dial.)

Send someone to get a first aid kit and AED

Check for breathing. If they are breathing, look for other signs, injuries, blood/bleeding, bites, burns, broken bones. Check for medical information jewelry.

-If they are unresponsive…

Shout for help and dial 9-1-1

Send someone to get a first aid kit and AED

Check for breathing. If they are breathing, monitor them until a first responder or advanced caretakers arrive. Check to see if there are any injuries or if there is medical information jewelry.

If the person is not breathing, or is only gasping, immediately start CPR and AED functions.

Keep a stocked first aid kit in your home, car, and in easily accessible places in businesses, schools, churches, etc. Routinely monitor the first aid kit to ensure it is stocked.

CPR Ready GA offers individual, corporate, church training in CPR, First Aid, AED, BLS, and Active Shooter Curriculum. We can provide consultation and sales in emergency medical equipment.

For classes and general information visit or contact (770) 765-0023,

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