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I have always been rather cavalier when it comes to wearing gloves. I have changed diapers and cleaned up some rather disgusting things in my life. I have been witness to minor emergencies dealing with blood and I simply took action and washed my hands afterwards.


If you encounter an emergency, step one should always be making sure that you are safe. Another major step, (that needs more emphasis!)that you need to enact is taking universal precautions. It does not matter the severity of the emergency. You want to be prepared in case you come in contact with blood or other fluids.

-Wear gloves in any situation you give first aid (You may want to find some non latex gloves

- Wear eye protection

- Dispose of all used items in a biohazard/or separate bag

-Properly remove gloves (Simply Google ‘How to remove gloves properly)

-Wash hands with warm water and lots of soap (If there is no access to soap and water, use sanitizer until you can properly wash your hands.)

Check your first aid kit. If you’re missing any items, go get them. You’ll need it.

CPR Ready GA offers individual, corporate, church training in CPR, First Aid, AED, BLS, and Active Shooter Curriculum. We can provide consultation and sales in emergency medical equipment.

For classes and general information visit or contact (770) 765-0023

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